How Mobile Ads Can Grow Loyalty, Drive Referrals, and Retain Customers

Jun 19, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

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Mobile advertising does more for brands than just drive conversion. Brands everywhere are using it as a tool to deepen customer relationships, drive word-of-mouth referrals, and even retain customers. Here is how you can build strong brand relationships through a mobile-first strategy:

Grow Brand Loyalty

Using creative storytelling in video doesn’t only build your brand awareness. It also strengthens relationships with existing customers by creating an emotional connection. Attention studies show that video ads in mobile game environments can lead to better recall and more positive brand association.

Drive Word of Mouth Referrals

Brands are now incorporating interactivity into video ads with gamified elements that let people engage with a brand in ways they never have before. This boosted engagement leads to a viral buzz that get people talking! Engaging storytelling paired with fun interactivity is what you need to prompt entertained users to spread the word.

Retain Customers

Mobile ads can also be used to promote limited time offers, loyalty programs, new products, and more as clear calls to action. According to GWI, 47% of U.S. shoppers are more likely to purchase a product if they were offered coupons or discounts. By giving an easy way for those familiar with your brand to act, brands can foster long-term relationships that make customers come back for more.

Whether through compelling storytelling in video ads, interactive elements that leave a positive impression, or enticing offers that keep customers coming back, mobile ads have the ability to build strong brand connections. Embracing a mobile-first strategy has the ability to cultivate loyal customers and drive business growth at any part of the funnel.

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By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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