Christmas in July Recap: What We Learned About Holiday Shopping

Jul 31, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

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As we wrap up our Christmas in July series, we’ve uncovered valuable insights that can help brands and retailers gear up for the upcoming holiday season. From understanding the holiday magic that drives action to rethinking mobile strategies and myths about mobile gaming, let’s recap what we’ve learned about holiday shopping.

  1. Find That Holiday Magic
    Summer sales like Prime Day can serve as a training ground for Black Friday and Cyber so this is the time to take note of what resonates with their audience and drives action. Incorporating interactive elements, such as gamified ads or wishlists, within in-app ads can be a powerful way to engage potential customers. By leveraging the results of summer campaigns, brands can identify enticing deals to prepare early and build an effective mobile strategy that captivates holiday consumers from the start.
  1. Rethink Your Mobile Strategy for the Holiday Season
    The projected slower growth of holiday retail sales means that advertisers have to think outside the box. Social platforms, while having a vast reach, can often be cluttered, making it challenging for brands to stand out. Mobile gaming allows brands to reach attentive consumers in a less noisy space, offering a higher chance of engagement. Incorporating in-app ads can complement social campaigns, building a full-funnel strategy that drives conversions.
  1. Forget Those Myths About Holiday Shoppers and Mobile Gaming
    A common misconception is that mobile games only provide a niche audience. This couldn’t be further from the truth especially when it comes to holiday shoppers. A staggering 67% of holiday shoppers play games on their smartphones, including key segments like parents, who are a crucial demographic during the holiday season. Additionally, consumers are spending a lot of time in mobile games, outperforming social media giants like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, presenting a significant opportunity for advertisers to tap into. Furthermore, holiday shoppers who play games are big spenders who are 30% more likely to make significant purchases, such as cars or electronics. By capitalizing on the popularity of mobile gaming among holiday shoppers, brands can enhance their mobile marketing efforts and drive conversions and sales.

From understanding the allure of interactive elements to embracing in-app advertising within mobile games, advertisers can engage consumers effectively and drive conversions during the biggest shopping season of the year.  By dispelling myths and understanding the power of mobile gaming among holiday shoppers, brands can get a head start and prepare themselves for a successful holiday season.

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By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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