Christmas in July: Rethink Your Mobile Strategy for the Holiday Season

Jul 17, 2023
By: Jean Ortiz-Luis

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Last week, we discussed how retailers could use Prime Day as a dress rehearsal for their mobile holiday strategies. And while they are prepping for holiday campaigns, it’s vital for brands to consider WHERE they are advertising as well. 

This season, holiday retail sales are projected to grow slower than past years. With consumers judicious about spending, advertisers have to know that just being there isn’t enough. They need to find a way to engage consumers differently – beyond just building awareness. 

When it comes to mobile, retailers primarily using social platforms are missing a chance to maximize brand opportunities. While social may have the largest reach of all platforms, they often face a cluttered environment that could keep your brand from standing out. In-app advertising, particularly with mobile games, can help fill those gaps.

Where mobile differs from social is that its unique environment allows brands to engage attentive consumers in a place with less noise. Consider:

People Pay More Attention: 67% of consumers pay equal or more attention to ads in games than social. 

There is Less Competition: 60% of consumers rarely see ads for their preferred retail categories.

It Drives Conversions: Gamers are already interacting, so they are more attuned to interactive elements offering rewards and incentives.

Brand engagement will be critical come the holiday season. Going beyond social media campaigns and complementing them with in-app advertising, advertisers can create a winning full-funnel strategy. 

Looking for more insights to get you ready for the holiday shopping season? Stay tuned for more Christmas in July posts!

By Jean Ortiz-Luis
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